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Broadcasting time: Friday 23h00


Program Description:


BlackSpeak: Airing weekly on Friday Night  from 22:30 – 24:00

A music based point-of-view and perspective program produced by, for  and about the English Montreal Black Community and its diaspora. Starting o;n Radio Centreville in 1979, the program has been a non-stop rep;resentation of the various interests of the Montreal Black community as seen through its cultural, political and entreprenurial evolutions and preoccupations. The program was also nominated as “Best English Community Radio Show” on more than one occasion, the lastest in 2008 by SOBA – ” The Sounds of Blackness ” Awards. Interviews include community associations, artists and activists, giving access and exposure to community members, and those with an interest in the community, on issues of concern.

Produced and hosted by Terry Sheppard ( ” The Teas ” )

” BlackSpeak – A Voice for the Black Community “


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