Radio Centre-Ville is a non-profit organization that is run democratically by its members. A general meeting is convened once a year to elect a new Board of Directors, which must implement the members’ recommendations.  The Board is the only body authorized to recruit people to assist it with its work.  Station management reports to the Board, which in turn reports to the membership at the Annual General Meeting.

Board of Directors

Ricardo Costa, President

Rosa Dutra, Vice-President

Andréus Sagesse, Treasurer

Daniella Guerrero, Secretary

Wannex Lalanne, Director

Bobby Cherenfant, Director

Victoria Vallejo Villa, Director

Clementina Santos, Director

René Menjivar, Director



Marc De Roussan, Station Manager

Sofia Santiago Lopez, Administrative Assistant

Robert Laplante, News Coordinator

Suzanne Charland, Research Coordinator

Miguel Greco, Technical Coordinator

Christina Cloutier, Sales Manager | 514.495.8836