Declaration of Principles

In order to cater to the interests and meet the needs of its listenership, Radio Centre-Ville shall offer balanced programming that focuses on local news and entertainment. Bearing this principle in mind, CINQ FM will give individuals and groups in the neighbourhood priority access to the airwaves; this applies particularly to those who are disadvantaged in relation to other news media.
CINQ FM intends to respect the multi-faceted nature of the community in a spirit of impartiality. Minorities’ right to programming must be respected along with that of the majority.  Since Radio Centre-Ville is a community vehicle for communication, ethnic groups may therefore express themselves in their own languages. The development of relationships and dialogue between various ethnic and linguistic groups is encouraged, in order to build mutual understanding. In short, we strive to create objective conditions to ensure that immigrants participate actively in Quebec society.
Montrealers will be better served by participating actively in programming. Radio Centre-Ville will therefore encourage its listeners to become involved by allowing them access to the airwaves;  teaching radio program production on an ongoing basis;  highlighting local musical and literary talent;  organizing or promoting the organization of forums where issues of public interest may be discussed; encouraging new approaches that are in the public interest; supporting new, innovative approaches to the medium of radio; and producing programs that cast a critical eye rather than conform to the mainstream.
Radio Centre-Ville must remain independent and shall not support any political party, sect or doctrine. It does not, however, intend to limit access to the airwaves.  On the contrary, it wishes to remain open, enabling everyone to express him/herself within the context of an equitable distribution of airtime.


Radio Centre-Ville shall remain free to refute any dogma and shall work in a spirit of democratic journalism. At all times, programming shall be oriented in such a way as to promote the interests of low-income citizens living in our listening area.
Membership in Radio Centre-ville St-Louis is conditional on acceptance of this Declaration of Principles.

January 30, 1978