News policy


The Radio Centre-Ville news policy is based on four principles:

  1. Compliance with the Radio Centre-Ville Declaration of Principles.

  2. Coverage of local news is prioritized at Radio Centre-Ville. From this perspective, local news must enable our local neighbourhood residents to gain a clearer understanding of issues related to their living conditions, the problems they experience and the expansion of their own cultural awareness.

  3. Coverage of national and international news at Radio Centre-Ville must take place in accordance with the interests and needs of the residents of our local neighbourhoods.

  4. The content of the news that is broadcast on Radio Centre-Ville must take into consideration the fact that our programming is oriented towards promoting the interests of low-income neighbourhood residents. The news broadcast over our airwaves must take a critical, non-sectarian approach in order to offer a global vision of the various structures and mechanisms that govern society as a whole. The content of the news broadcast on our station must offer our local neighbourhood residents the opportunity to orient themselves towards collective action in order to effect social, political and cultural change. It goes without saying that the concepts of neutrality and objectivity have no place at Radio Centre-Ville.