Promise of Performance

According to its CRTC licence, Radio Centre-Ville is a Type B urban, French-language community radio station.  The station may broadcast up to 40% of its programming in a language other than French.  Radio Centre-ville broadcasts five types of programs, depending on the language of broadcast and type of content (see attached flier for more detail).


French is the working language at Radio centre-Ville. Programming is broadcast in seven languages: French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese) and Creole.  French-language programming occupies 60% of the airtime, i.e. 79 hours per week. The station broadcasts 17.5 hours per week in English; 12.5 hours in Spanish; 13 hours in Portuguese, 12.5 hours in Greek; 12 hours in Creole and 5 hours in Chinese.


Radio Centre-ville programming is based on the principle of self-management. The seven linguistic teams — French, English, Spanish, Haitian, Chinese, Greek, and Portuguese — that comprise the radio station manage their programming and portion of airtime independently and autonomously. Each team has its own specific operational procedures.  Teams are overseen by team coordinators and programming committees.  The obligation binding on all teams without exception is compliance with the Mandate of CINQ FM.


Annual programming is divided into two periods:  fall-winter and spring-summer.  For each period, the programming committees of the seven linguistic teams receive program proposals, along with demos, and evaluate them.  Once they have made their selections, they submit them to the Board, which ratifies the committees’ decisions (or amends them, as the case may be).