• To broadcast radio programs aimed at Montreal residents, to provide them with a clearer understanding of issues related to their living conditions, the problems they experience, and the expansion of their own cultural awareness.
  • To enable citizens, especially those usually ignored by other news media, to express themselves over the airwaves.
  • To examine, promote, protect and develop the cultural and social interests of members of the community.
  • To promote intercultural rapprochement and dialogue, for the purpose of mutual understanding
  • To ensure that immigrants participate actively in and integrate into Quebec society.
  • To use radio broadcasting in order to direct citizens towards appropriate social services and inform them about such services and about social activities in the community;
  • To offer information enabling citizens to turn towards community action in order to effect social, political and cultural change.


The principal programming commitments of Radio Centre-Ville are:

  • At least 42.7% verbal content, on a weekly basis;
  • At least 7% Canadian musical content during ethnic programs and at least 30% during French- and English-language programs;
  • At least 65% French-language vocal music during French- and English-language programs;
  • At least 15% traditional music or music intended for specialized audiences (jazz, blues, classical);
  • No more than an average of 4 minutes per hour of commercial or other advertising (up to 8 minutes /hour during ethnic programs), not to exceed a total of 504 minutes per week.